Traces 2016-2017

The photographs in Traces are the result of a change in perspective about the rural landscape, brought on by the discovery of my own family history being tied to these kinds of places. Using photography I attempt to connect with a landscape that I didn’t realize I wanted to connect to. Traveling to various small towns in the southeast, often visiting multiple times, I create an ontology that outlines the similarities and differences of these places that are otherwise isolated from each other. There is a sense of impermanence to the photographs in Traces, which I use intentionally as both a comment on the curiosities within this landscape, and as a reminder to myself to value not only these observed moments, but every moment.

Ultimately I wanted to share my thoughts on this landscape, through photography, for the simple fact that many people do not have a reason to seek out these scenes. Rural areas, and small towns, are often passed by because of their geographic predicament: they are typically in between large city A and large city B. To many these places are a simple rest stop for gasoline or food on the go. I am providing my slice of this landscape I now hold dear, with the hope that others may be encouraged to find their own appreciation as well.

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